A couple with a reputation for innovative thinking, a strong work ethic and quality in everything they commit to, Cameron and Kate Jones are proud to add the Australian Performance Horse Magazine to the enterprises they currently own and manage.

This includes the Australian Campdrafting Magazine which currently has over 1000 subscribers and a huge nationwide circulation.

With the couple’s passion for good old-fashioned hard work, adding the Australian Performance Horse Magazine to their stable of publications was a natural step. A third generation Campdrafter, Cameron understands that horses are more than a hobby, it is a lifetime passion. Kate has a background in communications as well as producing and riding her own show horses and ponies to success. Together they run CKJ Stock Horses and Show Horses.

The APH Magazine first hit the newsstands in 1989, and in 2014 celebrated 25 years of publication. Cameron and Kate look forward
to taking this magazine into the future by expanding it to include all performance horse disciplines from show jumping to showing, whilst still retaining a focus on the western disciplines.

Cameron and Kate believe that a job worth doing, is worth doing well. In every area of business, they are known for their commitment
to delivering products and services they can be proud of. As new owners of the Australian Performance Horse Magazine, their commitment is to providing advertisers, industry representatives and readers with a quality publication worthy of our many performance horse disciplines.

We welcome anyone to contact us with their feedback, story ideas & advertising enquiries.


The APH Magazine Vision

  • We strive continually to deliver up to date information and interesting stories.

  • We are friendly, professional and honest.

  • We are always open to feedback and looking for new and improved ideas.

  • We are constantly working to evolve the magazine and promote the performance horse industry.